A Place Where I Can Find You


This is the second brand new book I am taking with me to CAKE this weekend. It’s collection of drawings of places in Louisville that have significant memories for members of my family. The fifteen drawings, of the places as they exist now are accompanied by the stories. 32 pages, black and white. Available for $5 through paypal or mailorder. Please contact carrieneumayer@yahoo.com if interested in purchasing.


India Journal

This is one of two new books I am going to be bringing with me to CAKE (Chicago Alternative Comics Expo) this weekend. It’s part comic and part zine and it includes writing, drawing, collages, photographs, and a recipe. ┬áIt’s all based on a journal I kept on a trip I recently took to India. The book is 54 pages and has a handmade cover. If you’re interested in buying a copy, they can be ordered through paypal or by mail order for $5. Please send an email to: carrieneumayer@yahoo.com