A Place Where I Can Find You


This is the second brand new book I am taking with me to CAKE this weekend. It’s collection of drawings of places in Louisville that have significant memories for members of my family. The fifteen drawings, of the places as they exist now are accompanied by the stories. 32 pages, black and white. Available for $5 through paypal or mailorder. Please contact carrieneumayer@yahoo.com if interested in purchasing.


A Place Where I Can Find You





I am working on a new personal project that I view as a collaboration between myself and my family members and close friends.  I have asked folks to give me a location in Louisville that is important or special to them and explain why. It could be a location of a place that no longer exists, even. Then I am visiting that place and spending some time there doing sketches and taking photographs. Finally, I am combining the words told to me with a drawing I create. I hope to do 15-20 of these drawings and publish the final results in book format. I plan to debut this collection of drawings at the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (CAKE) this June as well as show several of the pieces in an exhibit in May in conjunction with Preservation Louisville’s Preservation Art Month.

My cousin, Amanda Walker, provided the memory of the Bakery Outlet building

My father, Rick Neumayer, provided the memories of 230 S. 41st Street, the corner of 41st and Market, and Fontaine Ferry Amusement Park.