WFPL news: Interview about the Louisville Outskirts Festival

LEO Weekly: I am writing a music column for LEO called “Up to 11

Never Nervous: Interview about the Louisville Outskirts Festival

The Russellville News Democrat Leader.  Article about the mural project I facilitated with students at the Lewisburg School:

LEO Weekly: Music Issue. Interview about playing in multiple bands.. I’m the three people on this cover without a beard.


Kentucky School for the Blind Wildcat Monthly Newsletter (information about a teaching residency project done through Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft)  (page 6)

The Paper, January 1, 2013 (interview about teaching comics)

LEO Weekly, December 18, 2012:’s-out

Jefferson County Public Schools, Monday Memo, Kudos Section, 23 Apr 2012

“Kudos to Elizabeth Berry and Carrie Neumayer, art teachers at Louisville Male High. The two teachers coordinated a project where students painted portraits of local heroes and displayed them in the permanent gallery on the first floor of Gilda’s Club…”

Never Nervous, INTERVIEW: Carrie Neumayer talks about her new band Julie of the Wolves, 15 Apr 2012

Velocity Weekly, Drawn Together, 6 Apr 2010

Velocity Weekly, Carrie Neumayer – Interview, 30 April, 2009

LEO Weekly, New Paintings by Carrie Neumayer

Staff Pick,, 24 Aug 2007

We look at faces every day, but it takes an artist like Carrie Neumayer to really see them. After searching through stacks of magazines and newspapers, she found 100 people who intrigued her. Recycled faces combined with recycled objects equal renewed life. Painting the people was just the beginning; she then detailed them with such items as fabric, Styrofoam and Jell-O molds, resulting in mixed media, three-dimensional portraits. By the way, Neumayer’s day job is teaching art at Hite Elementary School.
LEO Weekly, Interview by Jason Noble and Illustrated by Carrie Neumayer 

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