Louisville Magazine Illustrations- December

I contributed two illustrations to the December 2015 issue of Louisville Magazine. The first was for Jack Welch’s column, “Just Sayin” in which he wrote about “ghosts of river road.” I did a painting of the the Heigold Facade with ghosts. Art Direction by Suki Anderson


I also created a food illustration for Mary Welp’s “Dine In” column- this was for a beet salad with grapefruit, pomegranates and hazelnut pesto. I made this salad before working on the illustration and it tasted AMAZING! Art Direction by Suki Anderson


To read the articles and see the illustrations in context of the magazine, look here.


I spent the last two nights in a cabin in the woods at the Sisters of Loretto Community near Bardstown, KY. It was a really special experience and I can’t recommend it enough. Yesterday, I painted trees for about 10 hours straight and spent that time looking at line, shadow, negative space, positive space and at the same time thinking about all the people in my life I’m grateful for. It was interesting how in this experience of solitude I felt far from alone.