A Place Where I Can Find You


This is the second brand new book I am taking with me to CAKE this weekend. It’s collection of drawings of places in Louisville that have significant memories for members of my family. The fifteen drawings, of the places as they exist now are accompanied by the stories. 32 pages, black and white. Available for $5 through paypal or mailorder. Please contact carrieneumayer@yahoo.com if interested in purchasing.


2 thoughts on “A Place Where I Can Find You

  1. Hi Carrie,

    I would like a copy of this as well as your India Journal. If you have them already printed, you could send them with Darcy and I will settle up with him. If not, I will send the $10 with Darcy and you can bring them to the family reunion.

    You have been a busy bee since you got back! Hope you have a great time in Chicago!


    Sent from my iPad

  2. Thank you, so much, Landis! I will be happy to send a copy of each along with Darcy. I am sorry that I will miss seeing you all this weekend and I hope we can get together another time soon!

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