Louisville Magazine- May Issue

I was very excited that Mary wrote about a vegetarian dish this month for the Dine In Column. I went out and bought the ingredients for this dish and prepared it in order to take reference photographs and to see what the final product was supposed to look like. It was delicious! Then I drew it and decided to do some stitching onto the paper. It was fun but ridiculously time consuming.. The dude below the recipe is a hippie driving down Highway 1 and discovering the magic of an artichoke farm in the 60s (Mary tells his story in the column)





Oddly, the 60s theme was also involved in another piece I contributed to this month’s issue. The drawing below is for Jack Welch’s Just Sayin’ column. The subject is the “Abbey Road on the River” Beatles festival that happens every summer here in Louisville. Jack writes about how he is most partial to the early “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” years of the Beatles, so that’s what is happening here.


2 thoughts on “Louisville Magazine- May Issue

  1. Hey Carrie: Love those illustrations! Is that Mark Twain standing next to John Lennon in that last one (sure looks like it)? Good stuff.

    I’m going into business for myself and unsurprisingly, I have quite a few quirky ideas for t-shirts, bumper stickers, etc. Of course, it’s all in an extremely primitive stage at this juncture. At some point, I’m going to run a thing or two by you — as I will undoubtedly need some illustrations eventually and I couldn’t draw an image to save my life. I really appreciate what you’ve done with your material.

    Peace, love, and laissez-faire,

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