Louisville Magazine- May Issue

I was very excited that Mary wrote about a vegetarian dish this month for the Dine In Column. I went out and bought the ingredients for this dish and prepared it in order to take reference photographs and to see what the final product was supposed to look like. It was delicious! Then I drew it and decided to do some stitching onto the paper. It was fun but ridiculously time consuming.. The dude below the recipe is a hippie driving down Highway 1 and discovering the magic of an artichoke farm in the 60s (Mary tells his story in the column)





Oddly, the 60s theme was also involved in another piece I contributed to this month’s issue. The drawing below is for Jack Welch’s Just Sayin’ column. The subject is the “Abbey Road on the River” Beatles festival that happens every summer here in Louisville. Jack writes about how he is most partial to the early “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” years of the Beatles, so that’s what is happening here.


A Place Where I Can Find You





I am working on a new personal project that I view as a collaboration between myself and my family members and close friends.  I have asked folks to give me a location in Louisville that is important or special to them and explain why. It could be a location of a place that no longer exists, even. Then I am visiting that place and spending some time there doing sketches and taking photographs. Finally, I am combining the words told to me with a drawing I create. I hope to do 15-20 of these drawings and publish the final results in book format. I plan to debut this collection of drawings at the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (CAKE) this June as well as show several of the pieces in an exhibit in May in conjunction with Preservation Louisville’s Preservation Art Month.

My cousin, Amanda Walker, provided the memory of the Bakery Outlet building

My father, Rick Neumayer, provided the memories of 230 S. 41st Street, the corner of 41st and Market, and Fontaine Ferry Amusement Park.

Art & Nature Camp

Here is another summer art camp I am teaching this summer. It’s a cool new partnership between Louisville Visual Art Association and Jefferson Memorial Forest: Art & Nature camp for students in Grades 4-6. August 5-9. Registration and more info here.



LVAA Comic Book camp for middle school students

Do you know of any middle school aged kids in the Louisville area who like to draw comics and want to have the time, instruction, materials, and resources needed in order to bring their vision to life by creating their own comic book? If so, send them my way for an art camp I’m teaching through the LVAA!
June 17– 22 Middle 6 – 8 grade

Registration available here: http://www.louisvillevisualart.org/summercamps2013.html



The comic art above was created by a former student of mine (7th grader)

Derby Hats Illustrations in the Paper

For the Derby Issue of The Louisville Paper, I was asked to draw some illustrations to be used as a step-by-step guide on how to make 3 different Derby Hats out of newspaper. I remember doing a version of this with students when I taught Elementary School Art a number of years ago. It was a lot of fun. So go out grab a copy of the Paper and get started on your very own fashion masterpiece! Here are two variations: