Mammoth Holiday Bazaar

I will be participating in the Mammoth Holiday Bazaar this December. I have been working on some items including encaustic drawings/paintings featuring native Kentucky plants and animals, hand drawn letters, magnets, and some prints of my illustrations. Oh and my brand new issue of Lyra #10! The event should be a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to it. Here’s a recent piece:

Carpenters of the Forest show

Lots of music going on right now. This show is going to be super cool- a night of local songwriters. We used to do these “Carpenters of the Forest” things a long time ago and recently decided to bring it back. Why it is called Carpenters of the Forest, I do not know.  If all goes well, maybe it can be a recurring event? We’ll see. Here’s the poster I designed:

Teaching projects for November

I have a number of teaching projects scheduled for November that I am very excited about. I will be leading a brand new Shelby Elementary School art club- our first project will be clay face jugs. I’m also going to do a bookmaking workshop with 4th and 5th graders at Coral Ridge Elementary School through the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft. Also through KMAC, I will be starting a teaching artist residency at the Kentucky School for the Blind. The first session is tomorrow and I am nervous and excited!  I’ve been drawing line patterns all over paper plates with puff paint today for the little kids (Kindergarten-3rd grade) so they can feel the lines and we can embellish the designs with color and then fill with beans and bells and then turn them into maracas and tambourines! I’m going to bring in my acoustic guitar and when we are done we will have a sweet jam session. I’ve got a number of other projects in mind and will experiment and see what happens! I hope to come away from this experience a better artist and a better educator.

New Lyra comic in progress

When I was a junior in high school, I started creating comic zines about a girl named Lyra who was a sort of alter ego of mine. Lyra grew up with me and I created 9 issues about her experiences in college and life in her early 20s. The last one I created was in 2004. I did make an autobiographical comic about my first year teaching middle school as a sort of one off project in 2007. I recently decided to revive Lyra and create a 10th issue. So far I have 6 pages drawn and inked. I have been drawing from a comic-style diary I kept during 2011, but also throwing in more recent stories.