Pencil Project

In August of 2018, I asked friends, family, and acquaintances on social media to send me pencils in exchange for an original piece of artwork. Why pencils? Everyone has pencils sitting around, whose origins are usually forgettable, but occasionally more significant. After I put out the call for pencils, I received 91. Some arrived tiny, beloved, and almost used up entirely. Others were brand new, perhaps acquired specifically for me- to tell me something about the sender- like the pencil my Dad got from the barber shop he’s been going to almost his entire life. A friend sent 30 pencils from Pennsylvania’s Amish country. A teacher friend sent me a pencil that had been used for an exam, along with a note saying that she could still feel the anxiety in that pencil. I used all of the pencils (sometimes along with other mediums) to create my current body of work.

I’ll be showing this body of work as part of a two person show called “The House Paint & Pencil Show” at PYRO Gallery with my Mom, Corie Neumayer. It’ll be up May 9-June 15, 2019.

T shirt designs

I recently created a t shirt design for an organization near and dear to my heart: the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting.

Also, two t shirt designs I created years ago for WHY Louisville are being reissued by The Marvelous Mystery and will be available for purchase starting August 1, 2018:



New Children’s Book Out Now!

I illustrated a brand new childrens book called “If You Take Me to Kentucky.” The book was written by Sylvia Holden and features two dinosaur friends on a road trip to explore all the adventures Kentucky has to offer. Available locally at Carmichael’s Bookstore and online from Early Works Press.

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A Weekend of Love & Resistance


3 days, 35+ Bands/Artists, 2 Stages. Free during the day and sliding scale suggested donations for the night shows, All proceeds directly benefit the ACLU of Kentucky and Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky, plus donation opportunities for several other social justice oriented nonprofits, who will have booths available with information about volunteering, support, and further involvement in the community. Event info here:

Recent Illustrations

In early January, I broke my dominant hand– my drawing hand. It was a big setback initially, but I ended up exploring other ways of working and it didn’t end up being quite so bad. I drew with my left hand a lot and played around with collages and other experiments. Here are some of the first ones I attempted:



I ended up doing a couple of pieces for Louisville Magazine using my left hand and some digital manipulation- I’m pretty proud of how these turned out.


This was a piece that was initially submitted for Jack Welch’s “Just Sayin” column, but we ended up reworking as the image below: I did end up drawing the lady with my right hand as it was starting to heal, but it hurt quite a bit:


This one was for Mary Welp’s Dine In column. I drew the oranges and scallop shells really big with my left hand and then shrunk them down and played with them in photoshop.


Louisville Magazine Illustrations- December

I contributed two illustrations to the December 2015 issue of Louisville Magazine. The first was for Jack Welch’s column, “Just Sayin” in which he wrote about “ghosts of river road.” I did a painting of the the Heigold Facade with ghosts. Art Direction by Suki Anderson


I also created a food illustration for Mary Welp’s “Dine In” column- this was for a beet salad with grapefruit, pomegranates and hazelnut pesto. I made this salad before working on the illustration and it tasted AMAZING! Art Direction by Suki Anderson


To read the articles and see the illustrations in context of the magazine, look here.


I spent the last two nights in a cabin in the woods at the Sisters of Loretto Community near Bardstown, KY. It was a really special experience and I can’t recommend it enough. Yesterday, I painted trees for about 10 hours straight and spent that time looking at line, shadow, negative space, positive space and at the same time thinking about all the people in my life I’m grateful for. It was interesting how in this experience of solitude I felt far from alone.