Illustrated Story in Louisville Magazine- “Finding Louisville in New York”


I contributed a ten page story to the May 2015 issue of Louisville Magazine about traveling to New York City on the cheap and looking for people, places, and things that relate to Louisville. I had the privilege of interviewing several folks originally from Louisville about their experiences living and working in New York. I’m very grateful to Suki Anderson for the art direction and Josh Moss for the editorial direction and for giving me the opportunity to contribute this piece. Here’s a link to the full story:

Paleofuturism Poster

Paleofuturism is the study of past thinking about possible futures. How did thinkers in the past imagine the technologies, lifestyles and ideas of the future? How do these outmoded ideas affect and shape the present? I designed the poster below for an upcoming conference about this topic, which will be held at 21C Museum Hotel in Louisville on April 6 & 7.


March 2015 Louisville Magazine Illustrations

I had 3 illustrations in this month’s Louisville Magazine. Art direction for all 3 by the wonderful Ms. Suki Anderson.

This one was used for the cover of the “Fit” supplement issue:


Jack Welch wrote about the construction by the skate park not getting the skaters down:


And Mary Welp wrote about the use of bones for broth:


Louisville Magazine- Jan 2015

Happy New Year! I have two illustrations in Louisville Magazine this month:

Jack’s Just Sayin’ column is about the removal of freshly planted saplings from downtown:


The other was for Mary Welp’s Dine In column, which was about the unexpectedly cool surprises that can be found in the international food section of Kroger and World Market. My model was the famous Louisvillian Will Russell– owner of WHY Louisville store, founder of Lebowski Fest, and most recently the new owner of Funtown Mountain in Cave City. He’s also a big fan of the lower Brownsboro Rd. Kroger store (aka Dirty Kroger.)