Visit to 3×3 Magazine!

I’ve been a subscriber and fan of 3×3 Magazine for quite sometime now. I’ve learned about so many great illustrators from around the world as well as important aspects of the profession. One of the coolest things the magazine offers are portfolio reviews and workshops for illustrators of all levels of experience. I’m excited to take part in both this weekend. I’m excited to get some feedback on my work and learn ways in which I can grow and improve as an illustrator!

3×3’s cover for their most recent issue:


Louisville Magazine illustrations-July 2014

I had a few illustrations in this month’s Louisville Magazine. The first was for Mary Welp’s “Dine In” column. It’s a lime pie. I made this pie before I painted it and it was incredible. Highly recommended!



The next illustration was for Jack Welch’s “Just Sayin” column, about getting Kentucky to embrace Hemp:


Lastly, for “Postcard” I painted The Parklands at Floyd’s Fork:


Kentucky Monthly- May 2014 Illustrations

I did the cover illustration and interior illustrations for the cover story for the May 2014 issue of Kentucky Monthly Magazine. The article was about the history of cookbooks in Kentucky and was a fascinating article. Layout and art direction by Kelli Schreiber.


Here is a composite of some of the interior illustrations:




Cover story for LEO Weekly

I had the joy and honor of writing a cover story for LEO Weekly about LaNia Roberts, an amazing young artist. I was also thrilled to highlight the Louisville Visual Art Association’s CFAC program, which has played a huge role in LaNia’s art journey, as well as in the journeys of thousands of other young artists (myself included):


Residency Project with Washington County High School

Through a grant from the Kentucky Arts Council’s “Teaching Art Together” program, I worked with art students at Washington County High School to create a large-scale triptych mixed media work of art called “Washington County Roots.” The piece celebrates the people, places, and history of the county and will travel and be on display in various locations in Washington County. The piece was created using a variety of collage, painting, photography, photo transfer, and printmaking techniques.